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5 Recovery Rules, Relapse, & Thanksgiving

The holidays are about enjoying time with family and other loved ones—especially for Thanksgiving. We can all use this togetherness and comradery after the last two challenging years we’ve faced. And depending on who you ask, this holiday enjoyment may include drinking alcohol over dinner conversation or in front of a football game on TV. […]

Successful recovery means choosing the right treatment program
May 5, 2014

For those with histories of substance abuse and the families and loved ones who surround them, there are many questions when it comes to addiction treatment centers. In any accredited treatment facility, experienced professional therapists and counselors can help someone move through the stages of withdrawal and equip him or her with the skills necessary […]

How to approach a family member about substance abuse
May 2, 2014

Drug rehab programs are life-changing events that should not be undergone lightly, yet if the person with a history of substance abuse is committed to succeeding, then they can also be the best decision of that person’s life. With the help of professional counselors, therapists and medical advisors, those in need of assistance will get […]

New friends can help addiction recovery efforts
May 1, 2014

For someone who wants to give up drugs for a healthier, more fulfilling life, time spent in an inpatient substance abuse treatment center can have a transformative effect. Professional counselors, therapists and medical specialists do everything they can and use every tool at their disposal to help someone in recovery break the habit of self-destructive […]

Relapse prevention requires introspection, planning and support
April 28, 2014

For those struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse, recovery most often begins at addiction treatment centers. At qualified facilities, a complete support network can help the person with a history of detrimental drug or alcohol use break free from the destructive cycles that have led him or her to seek help. Through hard work and […]

Yoga helps the body process discomfort during recovery
April 24, 2014

The physical tolls of addiction can be difficult to face, but detox centers across the country feature experienced professionals and counselors who can help those struggling with substance abuse move on from their destructive habits. A supportive community of like-minded peers and experts can mean all the difference when going through acute withdrawal symptoms, and […]

Compassion and Planning Make a Successful Intervention
April 7, 2014

Interventions are one of the most widely known methods used to persuade loved ones to seek help in addiction treatment centers located across the country. By sitting down and clearly communicating with someone who is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, that person may be able to break his or her destructive habits and take […]

Giving those in recovery a second chance
March 28, 2014

Substance abuse can take such a large toll on the lives of users that even though recovery through rehab centers most often leads to prolonged sobriety and a better quality of life, the journey there can be difficult. Professional counselors and therapists can help former drug users through the stages of withdrawal and support them […]

How Cocaine Affects the Body
March 27, 2014

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant derived from the cocoa plant, which is found in the Andes region of South America and is used in other forms for coffee and other caffeinated products. Based on the chemical process that cocaine undergoes, it can be produced in powdered form, which can be snorted and if dissolved with […]

Relapse Prevention Tips: What are Triggers?
March 26, 2014

Medication, therapy and changing the way we think is not enough to maintain recovery. Despite our motivation and will, everyone is at risk of relapse, especially during the early stages of recovery. Identification of triggers and stressors that may incite relapse is a fundamental step to reducing the risk of relapse. A trigger is anything […]

Relapse Prevention Tips: Stages of Relapse
March 25, 2014

Early recovery is an exciting and venerable time for many people. The moment someone decides to stop using or drinking they are in recovery and at risk of relapse. Relapse is often thought of a specific event (i.e. using a substance or drinking), but it’s actually an extended process that consists of three stages: emotional, […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Addiction
March 24, 2014

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that may bring on symptoms that include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable and intrusive thoughts surrounding the event(s) that caused the PTSD. If the symptoms disappear after 3-5 months, it is called Acute Stress Disorder (ASD). If, however, symptoms persist for […]

Post Acute Withdrawal (PAW) Symptoms
March 21, 2014

Many symptoms of alcohol and drug withdrawal are the result of the toxic effects these chemicals have on the brain and the body. In the first days and weeks following cessation of drug and alcohol use, individuals may experience acute withdrawal symptoms, which can be more severe for some than others and will vary depending […]

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