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“Dopesick” Series and the Opioid Crisis

There is no doubt that there is an opioid crisis in the United States. More than 70% of deaths associated with drug overdoses in 2019 alone involved opioids. We can all point fingers to place the blame on who we believe is responsible, but that won’t stop those addicted to opioids from misusing the prescriptions. […]

How Does a Strong Support Network Keep You Sober?
February 19, 2014

Overcoming addiction is often a crowning achievement, but the victory is actually an ongoing battle. In the fight against addiction, after your stay at a rehab has ended, a strong support network is often the key to helping people stay sober. This is because sobriety is often described by experts not as a destination, but […]

5 Tips for Avoiding Painkiller Addiction
February 19, 2014

Many of the substances people become addicted to and end up seeking help from addiction treatment centers for should be avoided in all cases – such as cocaine and heroin. However, some addictive substances also have important medical purposes and sometimes people need to use them for relief, such as prescription painkillers. Many individuals do […]

Heroin Cut with Deadly Additives Across Eastern U.S.
February 18, 2014

There is no safe way to take drugs, let alone heroin – only treatment at rehab centers can ensure that no further damage is done to the body. Heroin’s multiple methods of administration all carry significant health risks. Smoking it can cause lung damage, snorting the powder form carries a very high risk of overdosing […]

Rosemary and Thyme Chicken Recipe
February 11, 2014

This Rosemary and Thyme Bistro Chicken recipe seems perfect for a romantic dinner on this Valentine’s Day. Try it with garlic green beans and roasted red potatoes for a complete meal. Rosemary and Thyme Bistro Chicken Recipe Ingredients 2 chicken leg quarters (about 1 1/2 pounds) 1 tablespoon chopped fresh or 1 teaspoon dried basil […]

Should you discuss your drinking habits with your doctor?
February 5, 2014

For many drinkers, the line between alcohol use and abuse can become quickly blurred. To help combat this, many experts believe doctors should be counseling their patients during routine physicals about the dangers of alcohol abuse and assessing how much they drink on a regular basis. According to a new study by the Centers for […]

Sports and Gambling Addiction [Infographic]
January 31, 2014

More than a hundred million people will tune into the Super Bowl this Sunday. As “the biggest event on the betting calendar with more action on it than any other game,” some experts say they wouldn’t be surprised if total bets hit the $100,000 mark—marking the greatest betting numbers the Super Bowl has ever seen. […]

Overeating During the Holidays – Infographic
November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family, fun… and a whole lot of feasting. According to the Calorie Control Council, the average American consumes 4,500 calories and 230 grams of fat on Thanksgiving Day. While the seemingly endless meal of turkey, potatoes and stuffing galore (plus leftovers, of course) is anticipated by so many, Thanksgiving […]

The Truth About Crack Cocaine Addiction
October 12, 2013

Many people go to addiction treatment centers to help them overcome addictions to cocaine. Crack cocaine use in particular has been in the news a lot lately and is also common to see in movies and on television. Some individuals may not understand the difference between traditional cocaine and crack cocaine. Crack cocaine is considered […]

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