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Who We Are

When you’re ready to get help for addiction,
we’re here.

American Addiction Centers is a nationwide network of treatment centers dedicated to dual diagnosis care.

We can help you recover from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and mental health issues at the same time, so you can get sober, stay that way, and live the life you want.

American Addiction Centers is here for you when:

  • Your drug and alcohol use has hurt relationships with your friends, family, coworkers or spouse.
  • Using makes it difficult to perform your best at work or school.
  • Your addiction has created financial troubles or issues with money.
  • Your drug or alcohol use makes you feel ashamed or unworthy.
  • Drugs or alcohol make you feel like a person you don’t know anymore.
  • You’ve tried treatment before, but it didn’t work.
  • Anxiety, depression, and/ or other mental health issues make it harder to stop using.
  • Drugs and alcohol help you escape trauma or upsetting events in your past.
  • You want a better life than the one you’re living now.

Most people can’t work through addiction alone.

We can help guide you through the early stages of recovery in a healing environment, with a whole-person approach focused on full recovery.

Get help before, during, and after treatment.

Your personal American Addiction Centers treatment team works together to meet your unique needs in treatment, and stays involved in your care even after you graduate from our program.

Get exactly what you need from a treatment program.

Our nationwide network means we can offer more specialized treatment tracks, so you can get treatment tailored to you. Each American Addiction Centers facility offers different programming and features built on the same approach to recovery.

Treat your addiction and mental health together.

We believe that mental health and addiction are interconnected. Learning, exploring, and addressing both are a priority to help you find your way in recovery. We can help you do just that.

Build a foundation for lasting recovery.

Treatment is temporary; recovery is a lifelong journey. We’re here to help you build real-world sobriety skills from day one.

Join a thriving recovery community.

Every American Addiction Centers client and graduate is part of a coast-to-coast Alumni support network. You’re already a member as soon as you walk through our doors.

Get evidence-based care from compassionate experts.

Our team has a strong personal connection to the world of recovery. Our seasoned and passionate psychiatrists, doctors, therapists, and providers bring both clinical expertise and lived experience to your long-term recovery journey.

Curious? Let’s talk.

How do I know which American Addiction Centers facility is right for me?

Crystal will listen to your story and recommend the American Addiction Centers facility that best fits your needs. What’s closest isn’t always what’s best; finding the right match of services and approach is the key to successful treatment, and sometimes distance is . We leverage our coast-to-coast network to make the most accurate match possible, based on your specific clinical needs.

Will my insurance cover treatment?

American Addiction Centers facilities are in-network with most major providers. Our team can help you navigate insurance coverage when you call.

Will I be able to talk to my family and friends in treatment? What about visitors?

Our facilities know the value of your personal support system and pride ourselves on working with you to determine who that is. Visitation, family sessions, and family education are unique to each facility – we are happy to review once your facility is selected.

What happens after I’m done with the program?

You’ll work with your treatment team on an aftercare plan to develop a new way of life – sober and open to all the possibilities of recovery.

What if I’m calling on behalf of a loved one?

Crystal can talk to you about your loved one’s situation and give you guidance on talking to them about entering treatment.

Will I have to go to treatment if I call?

No. The decision to enter addiction treatment is personal and one hundred percent yours to make. Talking to your local coordinator is confidential, private, and does not require a commitment.

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all treatment.

From highly structured treatment environments to relaxing, spa-like settings, the facilities in our network are as diverse as our clients’ needs. We will recommend the best option for you.

Treatment is just the beginning.

Recovery is a lifelong journey. We’ll meet your urgent needs in treatment, and stay involved in your care long after you graduate from our program.

You deserve real treatment for real people.

It just takes one call.

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How It Works

You’re ready to get help for addiction. Now what?

  1. Talk to your local coordinator, Crystal, 24/7.

    Together, you’ll make a plan for starting treatment at the American Addiction Centers program that meets your unique needs and goals. Your call is free and fully confidential.

    If you decide to enter treatment, we’ll take it from there. We’ll handle your transportation planning, insurance, and more—we can even help you arrange medical leave from work, so you can focus 100% on recovery.

  2. Start your personalized treatment journey.

    Treatment starts the moment you arrive at your American Addiction Centers facility. You’ll meet with your treatment team and establish your individualized treatment plan based on your goals and needs.

    Your treatment plan may include:

    • Medical detox
    • Traditional inpatient setting
    • Wellness-based inpatient environment
    • Individual, Group, and Family Therapy
    • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)
    • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
    • Transitional living options
    • Ongoing outpatient support
    • Peer support network
  3. Graduate with a plan.

    We start building your aftercare plan on day one. Whether your next step is a sober living facility, outpatient care, and/or a return to your family environment, we’ll help you ease into sober life according to your goals, budget, and unique situation.

  4. Be part of something bigger.

    You’re automatically a member of our Alumni support network, a nationwide group of American Addiction Centers graduates who support, encourage, and celebrate each other in the sober living world.

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