November 1, 2017

Nevada Senator Patricia Farley spoke with CBS’ Shakala Alvaranga about addiction, treatment, and family involvement. Senator Farley shared that her entire family has been affected by her brother’s substance abuse and that they are all in the fight for his life together. Senator Farley is taking care of her nieces and nephews and will soon be a mother of six in order to make sure that the children have a stable environment, despite their parent’s disease.

“He doesn’t belong in jail. He belongs in recovery. He needs mental health assistance. He needs to be working with CPS. Being in jail only ensures that I can go to bed tonight knowing that he’s still alive,” Farley said. Farley believes there are many problems that the country continues to ignore. Sending drug addicts to jail is one of them.

David Marlon, CEO of Solutions Recovery, was also interviewed for the piece and spoke about the important of treating the disease of addiction instead of putting it behind bars.

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