June 22, 2023

AAC’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein was recently interviewed in Healthline about the findings of a recent study that found that heavy drinkers “hold their liquor” better than others, but only up to a certain level of alcohol intake.

The study, published in Alcohol: Clinical and Experimental Research, tested the effects of alcohol consumption on adults with varying patterns of alcohol use classified as “light,” “heavy social drinkers,” and those with an alcohol use disorder. The findings showed when those with an alcohol use disorder consume their usual dosage of alcohol, the impairments they experienced in fine motor and cognitive tests was more impairment than a light drinker at an intoxicating dose.

“There may be a marked difference in the amount of alcohol at which someone becomes intoxicated, which is a worrying issue in itself, but ethanol, acetaldehyde and other metabolites are toxicants that will affect anyone who consumes alcohol despite the tolerance they’ve developed,” said Dr. Weinstein.

The article on the study findings can be found at Healthline.