April 1, 2021

AAC’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, was interviewed by Insider in a piece about apps that may help assist people in recovery from alcohol use disorder or would like to minimize their drinking.

First and foremost, as Dr. Weinstein emphasizes, a recovery app cannot take the place of professional treatment, especially if someone has become physically dependent on alcohol. But, in less critical instances, the apps can help provide accountability, guide the user to pertinent information and additional avenues of support, and provide a safe space to openly discuss issues that would normally not be spoken about.

“Research has shown that under the guise of anonymity, people tend to be more truthful and forthcoming, so an app that allows for sharing personal information without being identified could be a positive step in addressing a drinking problem,” said. Dr. Weinstein.

For more information on the benefits of apps related to sobriety, visit Insider for the complete interview.