February 27, 2023

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, was recently interviewed by Health on the rise of the recent TikTok drinking trend ‘BORGs.‘ ‘BORGs’ or “black out rage gallons” are concoctions carried around by college students and social media users in which a gallon jug of water is then half emptied and vodka, a packet of electrolytes and flavoring is added. Many are doing this so that they know what’s in their drinks, but they may actually be doing far worse.

According to Dr. Weinstein, “This all but encourages binge drinking, which is already a significant problem among college-aged students.”

He continues, stating that ‘BORGs’ are “in reality, water in addition to [as many as] 16 shots, which is a great deal of alcohol to consume.” Also on TikTok and other social media platforms are tales from students who participated in the BORG trend and ended up in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning.

To learn more about this trend and the opinions of experts, visit Health.