January 26, 2020

American Addiction Center’s Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, Stephen Ebbett, was recently profiled in Authority Magazine where he detailed some of the many ways he balances his busy schedule and parenthood.

For a significant portion of his childhood, his mother worked from home as a psychoanalyst. He often assisted her, which allowed him to somewhat connect with the patients seeking her help. One day, he asked her why her patients needed help as they seemed relatively normal. She then explained to him that her patients were dealing with issues that often stemmed from their childhood. That response stuck with him throughout the years and made him realize the responsibility of being a parent.

Now with two sons of his own, ages three and five, he is keenly aware of his responsibility as a parent in their development.

“My number one job is being a dad. My number two job is being the chief digital and marketing officer at American Addiction Centers,” said Ebbett. “I try to always keep that reference in my mind. This helps to keep me grounded in making the right decisions for my family.”

Ebbett goes on to speak about strategies he implements to create space to give his children more quality attention and a few examples of how he spends quality time with them.

The entire piece can be read at Authority Magazine.