June 11, 2019

AAC’s VP of Human Capital, Tim Stein, wrote a piece appearing on Recruiter.com on a number of innocent ways employers can put employees in danger.

Often, workplaces are inundated with alcohol and some offices offer perks such as beer on tap or open bars at company events. While they may seem innocent enough, with alcohol being the most regularly addictive substance in America, there’s quite a possibility that an employee may be battling addiction.

Alcohol discriminates against no one and can affect everyone, so there’s no way to know who may have an issue with the substance or not. It is important to be mindful of possible struggles as addiction is not uncommon.

Stein also suggests some workplace changes that may be more inclusive and supportive of those struggling such as work functions that involve team-building instead of taking place inside a bar during happy hour or minimizing stress by recognizing those who may be staying late and ask them to go home.

The entire piece can be read at Recruiter.com.