March 27, 2018

Thriveworks recently did a piece on 6 Things You Should Know About Addiction, using the article as a way to bust myths and supply not widely known information to the public. Dr. Joseph Bradley, M.S., D.C., Addictionologist, Director of the Chronic Pain program at Solutions Recovery Treatment Center in Las Vegas was quoted in the article.

5) The key to recovery is regaining control.

Dr. Joseph J. Bradley, Pain Management Specialist and Creator of the Chronic Pain Program at Solutions Recovery Treatment Center wants you to know that while addiction is a severe illness, it can be managed. “Addiction is a chronic illness and as such needs to be managed for life,” he explains. Although addiction is the number one healthcare concern in the United States, it is also 100% manageable. The main key to recovery is not simply to achieve and maintain abstinence, but rather regain control over and be the best version of yourself in life.”

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