January 15, 2021

club drugs

Dr. Tamra Hall, AAC’s AVP of clinical excellence and quality, was featured in The Telegraph in an article about relapse rates, and unfortunate overdose deaths, among musicians during lockdown.

Many of the measures that protect against COVID-19, such as social distancing and isolation, can produce stressors that increase anxiety and exacerbate mental health and substance use issues. This compounded by a lack of touring, loss of income, stress and the overall pause on the music industry for the better part of a year has challenged the sobriety of many musicians in recovery.

“Measures to protect against COVID-19, such as social distancing and isolation have had a direct effect on individuals who struggle with substance use and mental health disorders,” said Dr. Hall. And the measures are all risk factors for relapse.

The article speaks to several musicians who candidly discuss their personal challenges in maintaining recovery during lockdown, and in one case, an eventual relapse.

To read the entire piece, visit The Telegraph.