December 2, 2020

National Medical Director for Clinical Diagnostics, Dr. Mark Calarco, was interviewed by Healthline to discuss the results of a new U.K. study that reported that street cannabis across the world has become substantially stronger over the past 50 years. The study indicated that THC concentrations have increased and experts have expressed concern that stronger varieties of cannabis may have higher addiction potential.

Further findings of the study included evidence that THC concentration increased 14% between 1970 to 2017 in herbal cannabis, THC in cannabis resin rose 24% between 1975 and 2017.

“These findings support what many of us in the addiction treatment industry have known for years,” said Dr. Calarco. “Cannabis has become more potent because people are developing cannabis plants that represent nothing that has ever existed in nature.”

To read more about the study as well as expert comments, visit Healthline.