November 22, 2019

For someone in recovery, attending holiday gatherings where alcohol is in abundance can be challenging, especially when you’ve committed to a life of sobriety. To help them navigate this season with ease, American Addiction Centers has released a free holiday sobriety toolkit. The mobile-friendly downloadable guide offers practical tips and motivation to prevent a relapse.

To download the holiday sobriety toolkit, visit

“Those in recovery must always be mindful of their triggers because no matter how long they’ve been sober there is always a risk of relapse,” said Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, American Addiction Centers’ chief medical officer. “Exposure to those who are drinking excessively can be one of those triggers. The person may find themselves reminiscing about past alcohol use and even experience intense cravings due to a neurochemical response in the brain. If they are not prepared for how to handle this they could be putting their recovery in danger.”

The toolkit includes the following:

  • Five phone lock screen images with motivational recovery messages to stay focused
  • “Ask the expert” videos, answering common questions about maintaining sobriety
  • A step-by-step by guide on what to do if you find yourself on the verge of a relapse
  • Mocktail recipes that provide an alternative option to alcoholic beverages

“The recovery journey is not easy and access to support and resources can be a lifeline to keep you on the path,” said Weinstein. “It’s also important that if someone relapses they seek help right away. Even one drink can spiral into active addiction again.”

American Addiction Centers offers a 24-hour helpline. For more information, call 855-944-1294.