September 19, 2019

Former patients of American Addiction Centers (AAC) are sharing their before and after photos in a new campaign that launched this week on The Stages of Recovery campaign is a visual representation of how treatment transforms lives. The photos capture the recovery journey, from active addiction to months after treatment, which for some patients was a year or more. The featured participants struggled with addiction to various drugs, including alcohol, heroin, prescription pain relievers, cocaine and methamphetamine.

“As the nation celebrates Recovery Month, we hope our campaign will inspire those who are struggling with addiction to seek help,” said Melanie Haber, AAC’s senior vice president of brand and communications. “When you are in the throes of addiction, it can feel like a hopeless situation. If a picture is worth a thousand words, our former patients are a reminder that long-term recovery is possible and that it can be a life-changing experience.”

The campaign participants also share their personal thoughts on life in recovery. “Through this process of change, I have gained so much,” said Kyle. “I’m able to make plans and set goals for myself. Today, I travel and visit places I never thought possible. I also have a wonderful, fast-growing career. I have real friends who share the same values and have similar dreams. Today, I’m able to give back and help others instead of needing help myself. The gifts of recovery are without end. I have a beautiful life, and for the first time, I now truly believe I have a positive future.”

When American Addiction Centers conducted its patient outcome study, it found that at 12 months post treatment, patients surveyed experienced benefits across many areas of life, including improvements in physical and mental health, and a reduction in family conflicts.

“We are losing far too many people to this disease,” said Haber. “Unfortunately, the majority of people struggling with addiction never reach out for help. It’s so disheartening especially when we know that there is a better way and a better life ahead for them.”