May 26, 2023

AAC’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, was recently featured in a Fox News article on the first new smoking cessation drug in 20 years.

Cytisinicline, a plant-based derivative of cytisine, recently underwent phase III trials, which yielded promising results. The medication has been shown to be up to eight times more effective than a placebo at helping individuals quit smoking and resulted in consistently low rates of adverse effects, which is one of the main reasons for non-compliance with current nicotine replacement treatments.

According to Dr. Weinstein, this new smoking cessation medication could also aid in addiction treatment.

“The rate of smoking among those with an alcohol use disorder is very high due to the increased effect produced when both are used simultaneously,” explained Dr. Weinstein. “When it comes to other substances, smoking has been linked to increased cravings for stimulants and opiates and could trigger a relapse.”

This article and Dr. Weinstein’s insight on the potential effects of this medication can be read at Fox News.