December 18, 2018

Chief Clinical and Compliance Officer, Dr. Tom Doub, was featured in the Washington Times speaking about the the recent uptick in addiction-themed films and how they may soon change the way addiction is featured in Hollywood.

“The sensationalized imagery associated with addiction does everyone a disservice,” said Dr. Doub.”… Addiction hits home to a lot more people than it did a decade ago, there likely aren’t many degrees of separation between the average person and the disease.”

Films like “Beautiful Boy,” starring Steve Carell, and “Ben Is Back,” starring Julia Roberts are having a positive impact in dismantling the stigma associated with addiction.

” [Someone addicted to drugs] can be anyone, and they don’t deserve to be placed in the same box as a repeated caricature,” said Dr. Doub. “The need understanding, and more importantly, they need help.”

The entire piece can be read here.