April 1, 2019

Recovery First Treatment Center’s Alumni Coordinator, Missy Pollack, was interviewed in Florida State University’s publication. As the semester winds down and finals rapidly approach, Missy spoke with her alma mater about college stress and what it can lead to.

Based on a survey of nearly 1,000 college students and recent graduates, 88% stated that their school life was stressful and 98.7% said that that stress affected their mental health. Some of the coping mechanisms that students adapted, such as alcohol and the use of study drugs and other substances could end up having a negative affect on their lives post-college and even result in addiction.

“I know how prevalent study drugs are and how they follow you into the real world,” said Missy. “I wish college students knew how dangerous drugs are; it’s not OK to take them just because other people are. Drinking and partying is mostly a learned behavior.”

Missy speaks from experience having developed an addiction during her time at Florida State and is seeking to prevent other students from living her past experiences.

“Addiction is real and killing millennials, among many others,” said Missy. “Universities need to take action and responsibility, recognizing they can’t turn a blind eye to this problem.

To read the rest of her interview, visit FSU News here.