July 10, 2017

Far From Finished, the weekly podcast series launched by American Addiction Centers in 2016, has reached a significant milestone: 50 episodes and nearly 100,000 downloads. People tuning in from as far away as Thailand and Luxembourg, in over 60 countries, now hear the podcast.

Far From Finished features the personal stories of those who’ve struggled with the disease of addiction and follows their subsequent journeys to recovery.

“People genuinely want to learn more about addiction and hear the words of those who experienced it rather than reading statistics and data,” said AAC digital media manager Makaila Brooks. “This podcast is important because it helps others see people in recovery as real people, removing the stigma often associated with the disease of addiction.”

The 50th episode features Joseph Green, who was born into an atmosphere of addiction and struggled with the disease himself. Green’s experience in recovery has led him to become an ardent advocate for those wanting to share their stories across platforms and communities, encouraging them to evoke change, which is part of his mission as the youth program coordinator for Split This Rock and the co-founder of poetry N.O.W.

“What affects one of us affects all of us, whether you get to see it or not,” said Green. “It is in everybody’s interest to try and really make some change in this space, so I’m very lucky, very honored, very motivated to be a part of that movement.”

 New episodes are introduced every Monday and can be found on iTunes. To learn more about the podcast, visit www.FarFromFinished.us.