March 13, 2017

Governor Haslam recently reappointed Dr. Mark Calarco, American Addiction Centers’ National Medical Director, to serve another three-year term on the Tennessee State Medical Laboratory Board. As a board member, Dr. Calarco is charged with protecting the health and welfare of the public, a role he takes very seriously.

“If you have to make a life decision based on a test result, you want to make sure it is accurate,” said Calarco. “Whether it’s confirming pregnancy or diagnosing cancer, a lot hinges upon the results from the lab. The board’s role is to ensure those tests are accurate and done properly.”

The board oversees all of the state’s labs and their personnel, responds to consumer complaints, and ensures all regulatory changes are up-to-date with the latest science and technology. The board also handles its share of interesting requests.

Dr. Calarco recalls the time someone came before the board wanting to be licensed for collecting breast milk.

“Anything of human origin needs some oversight,” said Calarco. “It is a really exciting time in the industry because we have so many changes going on.”

In his role on the board, Dr. Calarco represents independent laboratories. American Addiction Centers operates two full-service medical labs, which offer many advanced tests, including pharmacogenetics used for predicting an individual’s response to a drug based on genetic factors.

“I consider it an honor to serve the great state of Tennessee and my fellow citizens,” said Dr. Calarco. “This is my way of giving back while at the same time helping to drive future policy in the state.”
The Medical Laboratory Board convenes quarterly and all meetings are open to the public.