April 7, 2017

A Las Vegas campaign for Polycystic Kidney Disease awareness surpassed expectations, ending Saturday, April 1. The “AAC Supports Earl” campaign launched a week prior, in the hopes of raising $500 and providing support to an American Addiction Centers employee, Earl Hopkins, who is battling the disease.

Upon hearing about the campaign, many Las Vegas professionals, including several of his AAC coworkers, came out in support of Earl. Many choosing to walk with him at the PKD Awareness Walk at Bunker Family Park.

The campaign also had a rush of donations, raising over $1,200, more than double the campaign’s goal in less than a week. Beyond that, Hopkins got his first call, since starting the campaign, inquiring about kidney donorship to save his life.

“The amount of support that I have been shown in the past week has been astounding,” said Hopkins. “Coworkers, friends, family, strangers; from the deepest areas of my soul- Thank you! With your continued support I know that I have a wonderful chance against PKD.”

“Earl has been saving lives in the addiction realm for years,” said David Marlon, CEO of Solutions Recovery. “This man has been the light for so many lives by helping them into treatment. It is now time for us to show our support for him and his life. We are proud to be a part of his mission.”

Polycystic kidney disease is a life-threatening genetic disease that strikes both adults and children. It often leads to the need for dialysis and a kidney transplant. It affects thousands in America and millions worldwide, who are in urgent need of treatments and a cure.

Click here to listen to Earl share his story in his own words.  During the podcast, he shares how PKD has influenced his life and how it will impact his future endeavors. The podcast is from the Far From Finished series, a weekly podcast from American Addiction Centers that shares the stories of those in recovery.