December 13, 2016

Human Rights Day was December 10 and human trafficking is a crime that is both largely hidden and grossly perpetrated. Both internationally and locally in Las Vegas, thousands are trafficked daily.

Solutions Recovery’s employee, Randy Carter, is a survivor of human trafficking. Abused as a child, he turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with his trauma. After get clean & sober, Carter has spent his days in Recovery helping others.

Carter works directly with drug and alcohol addiction clients both with and without co-occurring mental health and trauma disorders. He has also been working with children and teens for over 10 years in the hopes of not only helping identify others that have had traumatic experiences such as his own but also working with at risk teens in the hope of setting them on the right path.

CBS 8 News Now in Las Vegas interviewed Randy Carter and Trent Stephenson, Admissions Counselor, on Human Rights Day to learn about the link between human trafficking, addiction and more.

The Las Vegas Review Journal also did a story on Carter and his unique life story. Click here to read the full story.