February 5, 2019

Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, AAC’s chief medical officer, was featured in an Elite Daily article contributing his thought on signs that you might be done with therapy.

Therapy can be a useful tool to help people learn coping skills that will allow them to face their struggles and navigate their lives in a more efficient way. For some people, therapy can last a short time, but for others, who may be struggling with addiction, for example, therapy can be lifelong.

Dr. Weinstein offered some suggestions that may indicate that a person is ready to employ the skills they’ve learned throughout their sessions.

“When a patient is nearing the completion of their treatment, they often report feeling at peace, empowered and much more confident, which is one of the biggest signs that the patient is ready to close that chapter and start life anew,” said Dr. Weinstein. “… the most important thing to take into consideration is how you feel about your progress, and where you’re at in your treatment.”

The entire piece can be read at Elite Daily.