December 18, 2018 has released a study detailing the approximate cost of substance abuse ranging from nicotine and alcohol to cocaine and opioids.

Over the course of five years, a smoking habit can cost an estimated $4,628 and $23,142 over 25 years. An alcohol addiction can cost nearly three times as much: money spent could amount to $14,235 over five years or $71,175 over 25 years.

The three most expensive habits were heroin, oxycodone and cocaine, all of which cost more than $1 million over 50 years.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, spoke to CNBC about the study and states that the dollar amounts are conservative estimates because the study assumes the same amount of a substance is used over a five, 10, 15 and 25-year period.

“If one starts with four drinks, it never continues with four drinks over 25 years,” said Dr. Weinstein. “It’s going to be five, six, seven, eight and so forth.”

The article, as well as the study, can be found on CNBC.