September 15, 2020

AAC CEO Andrew McWilliams was interviewed for a health and wellness article detailing the number of changes made and precautions taken throughout the company to adjust to the global pandemic.

The number overdoses has risen significantly during the pandemic, highlighting the need for behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment. Determined not to make the virus a barrier to treatment, McWilliams states just a few of the adjustments needed to thrive in this new normal. They include:

  • Three stage symptomatology screenings prior to admission
  • COVID-19 testing for patients upon admission to our facilities
  • Redesigned admissions flow to reduce exposure of potentially positive patients
  • Health Protection Committees added at each facility.

“As with any business, once you understand the new norm, you can adjust to it and learn to thrive,” McWilliams says in the piece.

As a result of this experience, McWilliams states two particularly valuable lessons learned:

  1. In the midst of adversity, collaboration and trust within an internal organization is the key to resiliency
  2. Collaboration with state, local and federal agencies are essential for fostering effective lines of communication during challenging times.

“Addiction treatment is not an ancillary service,” McWilliams continues, “and the pandemic has proven it’s a lifeline for so many people who desperately need it.”

The rest of the interview can be read here.