September 26, 2020

Derek Price, CEO of Desert Hope rehab center in Las Vegas, Nevada

Derek Price, CEO at Desert Hope Treatment Center and retired NFL athlete, was interviewed by Authority Magazine about his journey from an athlete to an entrepreneur and work ethics that we can learn from athletes.

According to Price, the mindset needed to be a successful professional athlete is the same mindset needed to become an entrepreneur; if you want success, you work for success. Price says, “As a professional athlete, you are truly an entrepreneur – you’re in the business of selling yourself, and to do so, you have to create a business plan.”

Throughout the interview, Price illustrates in great detail the similarities of both careers. Adhering to a proper schedule, bettering your skills and networking with the right people are all instrumental in being a successful professional athlete and a successful businessman.

Price then goes on to list five work ethics that entrepreneurs can learn from athletes:

  1. In either position, the work is 100% on you.
  2. There is no substitution for passion and hard work.
  3. Pressure is unending in the pursuit of greatness.
  4. Tell others about what you’re doing.
  5. Stop, find quiet time and enjoy the process.

The entire interview, covering his NFL career, medical school and plenty of advice, can be read here.