October 31, 2022

CJ Jemison, one of the lead therapists in Desert Hope’s first responder and veteran-focused treatment track, Battalion, was recently featured in Homeland Magazine on addiction rates rising among military veterans transitioning to civilian life.

For years, veterans have come home traumatized from their experiences and are left to become acclimated to civilian life with little to no assistance. Though many are grateful to return home, connecting with others, dealing with a vast difference in day-to-day life and worrying about how skills and job duties translate to civilian life for employment are significant difficulties that are often faced.

Those transitioning from active duty are at a high risk of substance use; some may turn to alcohol to deal with trauma, anxiety, depression, physical pain, injury and/or other lasting effects from combat. Substance use is also frequently encountered among the veteran population.

To learn more about the transition from military to civilian life as well as resources and tips on how to handle this sudden change, the rest of the article can be read in Homeland Magazine.