Greenhouse & Solutions Staff Interviewed by Media After President Declares National Health Emergency

October 27, 2017

On October 26, President Donald Trump declared the opioid crisis as a National Public Health Emergency. The declaration was followed by a variety of plans and steps that the government is hoping to enact in order to slow down and end the epidemic. Local news outlets in Texas and Nevada contacted American Addiction Centers for insight into the problem.

WFAA-ABC’s Monica Hernandez interviewed Joel Klein, CEO and Michael Munzell, Alumni Coordinator, from Greenhouse Treatment Center in Grand Prairie.

Click here to watch the interview on the WFAA website.

KSNV-NBC’s John Treanor spoke with David Marlon, CEO, and Chris Boutte, Alumni Coordinator, from Solutions Recovery in Las Vegas.

Click here to watch the interview on the KSNV website.

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