November 4, 2019

Greenhouse Treatment Center, an American Addiction Centers facility and leading substance use provider in Texas, has introduced the Licensed Professionals Treatment Program designed to address the unique issues and specific needs of specialists in various occupations. Designed for credentialed professionals, this program focuses on the specific recovery challenges this population may face while equipping them with the skills to navigate circumstances particular to their field.

Addiction is an indiscriminate disease and affects every level of society. Those who are lawyers, doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and other licensed professionals are no exception. Each of these occupations has challenges particular to their field, such as caregiver burnout, exceedingly high professional expectations, high exposure to trauma, licensing concerns or maintaining image and status. All of these factors can create intense pressure and increase the risk of a substance use issue.

According to research, 21% of lawyers struggle with alcohol abuse, and an estimated one in 10 medical professionals will experience alcohol and/or substance use at one point during their lifetime.

“Admitting a struggle with addiction and seeking treatment is a challenge for anyone,” said Dr. Casey Green, medical director at Greenhouse Treatment Center. “For those in careers with distinct occupational demands and responsibilities, confronting addiction can be difficult and worrisome. When they ultimately seek treatment, it’s important that their specific needs and recovery issues are addressed personally and professionally so that they can re-enter their respective field.”

Greenhouse Treatment Center’s Licensed Professionals Program is run by Dr. Green, a psychiatrist board certified in addiction medicine, and therapist Esther Ontiveros-Flores. In addition to their clinical expertise, Dr. Green is in recovery and Ontiveros-Flores has experienced addiction in her own family, which inspired her to work in the field. Together they lead a team of doctors, nurses, masters-level therapists, advanced practice registered nurses and case managers in providing comprehensive and individualized care to each patient. The staff has more than 35 years of experience treating a variety of recovering professionals, working with state boards and conducting professional evaluations.