November 17, 2022

Philip Van Guilder, director of community affairs at Greenhouse Treatment Center, was recently interviewed by Houston’s ABC affiliate on the breakthrough of a potential vaccine against fentanyl.

The University of Houston has spent five years testing and researching a possible fentanyl vaccine that has the potential to save a great deal of people. When ingested, fentanyl reaches the brain and acts on the brain’s opioid receptors. Once that occurs, the euphoric effects and CNS complications take place. But, if the vaccine works as scientists hope it will, it will prevent the drug from getting to the brain, which will eliminate its lethal effects.

According to Philip, many patients seeking treatment at Greenhouse Treatment Center say they do not use heroin, they specifically use fentanyl, and unfortunately, the number of people primarily using this drug is rapidly increasing.

To learn more about this potential vaccine, the news story can be viewed here.