July 2, 2019

white collar worker

Tim Stein, VP of human capital, was featured in Workforce Magazine suggesting ways that HR can address alcohol addiction in the workplace.

The workplace today has many opportunities in which to include alcohol, from grabbing a drink with co-workers, celebrating an event or one of the many holiday parties that occur. With more than 21 million people struggling with addiction, it is not too farfetched that a co-worker may be fighting that battle.

Stein offers three principles for HR leaders to handle this situation in the workplace should it arise:

  • Invest in educating leadership about addiction. This includes helping leadership recognize the signs and symptoms of addiction.
  • Give employees options to partake in alcohol consumption by offering alternatives.
  • Practice a true open-door policy. Many may be afraid to disclose their struggles with addiction, but assure that the company has their best interest in mind by give information on an employee assistance program or connect them with a local support group.

The rest of Stein’s article can be seen on Workforce.