March 27, 2018

Nevada Reacts to Trump’s Opioid Plan Which Includes the Death Penalty had Nathan O’Neal of KSNV Las Vegas Ch. 3 speaking with two experts from Desert Hope Treatment Center in Las Vegas. Ambrozino Storr, CEO, and Chris Boutte, Alumni Coordinator and In-Recovery Advocate, shared their personal and professional thoughts on the President’s new plan to go after opioids and their users.

Ambrozino Storr highlighted that treatment is necessary and the one thing that is known to help decrease substance abuse numbers. Storr mentioned that putting more funds towards providing evidence-based treatment should be the most important part of the plan.

Chris Boutté spoke about his time as an active drug user, stating that the individuals he would get his pills from were old ladies and friends who hadn’t used their medications after surgeries.

Watch the entire interview here.