October 10, 2020

Dr. Marlon Rollins, CEO of Laguna Treatment Center, was featured in Black Doctor speaking about suicide in the Black community.

On an average day in the US, one African American dies by suicide every 4.5 hours. For youth in the Black community, the numbers are even more troubling – suicide attempts have increased more than 70%.

Vigilance about the warning signs of suicide ideation is imperative to learn, says Dr. Rollins. Those most vulnerable to suicide tend to display a combination of certain moods and behaviors, which follow the acronym DEATHWISH.


Extreme mood swings

Anger, agitation, anxiety or aggression





Substance use

History of attempts or gestures

Looking for and speaking up when these signs are recognized can save someone’s life. To read the rest of Dr. Rollins’ article, visit Black Doctor.