June 3, 2019

Medical Director at Laguna Treatment Center, Dr. Paul Little, penned an op-ed appearing in the Air Force Times describing addiction in the military, and how difficult it can be to address the issue.

Dr. Little, who is 19 years in recovery, also speaks candidly about his own struggle with addiction. After disclosing the information to his commander, he received very negative treatment and was subsequently discharged. Upon the ending of his career in the Air Force, he found his calling – working with veterans dealing with substance use disorder.

“For military veterans… there’s a sense that addiction equal weakness, failure or a lack of morals, and for years it’s been ‘treated’ with punishment,” said Dr. Little. “The good news is that today, veterans have much better access to care for both addiction and the mental health issues that are often the root of the problem.”

To read the entire piece, visit Air Force Times.