August 20, 2021

Lamar Odom, former LA Laker and two-time NBA Champion, appeared on “Addiction Talk,” AAC’s online talk show to discuss his history with substance use – how it began, his addiction at its worse, and his near-fatal overdose in Las Vegas in 2015.

He told host Joy Sutton that after losing his son to SIDS in 2006, Odom states that his substance use spiraled out of control. Years of substance use, specifically cocaine use, culminated in an incident in October of 2015, in Las Vegas, where Odom was found unconscious. He was subsequently taken to the hospital where he suffered 12 seizures, six strokes and two instances when his heart stopped.

Odom stated to Sutton, “I didn’t take anything that night. I was really hurt and almost in some sense afraid because somebody just tried to take my life.”

Lamar’s episode of “Addiction Talk” can be seen below. His interview has also been covered in the Daily Mail, Page Six, BET, Buzzfeed, The Mirror, The Toronto Sun, Calgary Sun, and others.