April 17, 2020

Man recovering from addiction is working from home.

AAC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Lawrence Weinstein was interviewed in Healthline speaking about an Alcohol.org study that determined about 1 in 3 Americans are drinking alcohol while working from home during the pandemic.

“Drinking is directly related to the anxiety and fear surrounding COVID-19,” said Dr. Weinstein. “The stress of work and a pandemic, in addition to many other everyday factors, can cause some to drink.”

Many in the workforce are in recovery, and abiding by social distancing mandates, which can inadvertently bring about feelings of isolation, along with financial and economic uncertainty can be a trigger for relapse.

According to the study, one-third of respondents say they are more likely to drink alcohol in isolation and one-fifth of respondents stated that they’ve stockpiled alcohol.

Dr. Weinstein again spoke about this issue in Fox Business.