June 4, 2018

Judith Pinkerton, music therapist at AAC facilities Desert Hope and Solutions Recovery in Las Vegas, was profiled in Las Vegas Review Journal, Nevada’s largest newspaper.

Pinkerton has instrumental in shaping in advocating for legislation that recognizes music therapy as a medical discipline. More significantly, Pinkerton has worked hard to further legitimize and spread music therapy, a growing field that more than 8,000 practitioners divulge in.

Pinkerton has had many other accomplishments in her career as a music therapist. Pinkerton recently received the first-ever ACM Lifting Lives award for her contribution to the addiction treatment industry. In addition to her work at the treatment centers, she’s also the founder of Music 4 Life, a medical model not found in any other protocol regarding music.

“We’re always going to feel angry, anxious, depressed and sad, because those are biological parts of us,” she says. “It’s how long you swim in them. When you understand how to manipulate the music listening habits that work for you, you can keep yourself in such a state of centeredness and peace most of the time.”

To read the entire piece please visit: Las Vegas Review Journal