August 16, 2019

Medical Director at Oxford Treatment Center Dr. Stephen Pannel, and Clinical Director Jeri Avery hosted a continuing education event called “Recovery 101: Breaking the Stigma of Medication Assisted Treatment” to better educate local medical and mental health professionals on the usage of MAT in addiction treatment.

“Covering topics like this can benefit all of us who work in healthcare, even if addiction is not your specialty,” said Dr. Pannel. “Addiction is something every healthcare practitioner will encounter. Our goal is hosting an event like this is to help providers better understand the treatment options available to their patients.”

Over the course of the event, Dr. Pannel and Jeri Avery, Ph.D., gave the audience a better understanding on the history and benefits of MAT, particularly combined with therapy, which improves rates of success.

Oxford Treatment Center will host another continuing education event on September 17 called “Recovery 101: Young Adult Trends in Addiction.”

The entire piece can be read here.