January 10, 2019

Lab Director for Addiction Labs, Dr. Howard Taylor, was featured in the Tennessean speaking about the infiltration of fentanyl, which was recently named America’s deadliest drug, into other illegal substances throughout the nation.

Addiction Labs released the findings of more than 10,000 samples received from treatment centers throughout the country:


2017: 43.8%

2018: 40.5%


2017: 33.4%

2018: 43.3%


2017: 27%

2018: 28.4%

Fentanyl is easy to purchase and of minimal cost allowing drug dealers to cut products like cocaine and heroin to maximize profits.

“I think the take home message is that users do not know what they are buying,” said Dr. Taylor. “They have no idea what is in the heroin or cocaine they are buying.”

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