June 19, 2017

Jody Hager attended Recovery First Treatment Center and his life was changed. His story is similar to many others in that he lost his family, his career, and more to his addiction, even serving time for it. His story is unique in that he was on his way to the top of country music in Nashville when it was all taken away.

This year is the first year that Jody is sober, happy, and getting back on track with his family. 2017 Father’s Day was the first Father’s Day that dad, kids, and grandkids were together in a positive celebration.

“My kids and I talk every day, my son has called and even asked for advice now!” explains Jody. “For the first time in my life, I can be trusted by my kids. This Father’s Day will be so different from any I’ve ever had. It will be different for them, too.”

Click here to read more about Jody’s story and be sure to listen to the song below that he wrote just for Recovery First, titled “Hollywood” – A Song about Recovery.