April 7, 2023

According to a new report, Gen Zers are drinking less than young people in past generations and about 20% less per capita than millennials. Further, many are foregoing alcohol entirely — the number of college-age adults who don’t drink has increased from 20% to 28% over the last two decades.

Recovery First Addiction Specialist, Dr. Charles Smith, believes the reason why we’re seeing this occurrence is because young people “are actually learning that alcohol is toxic to humans.”

Dr. Smith’s assessment is true; some of the reasons for the decrease in drinking among this generation include the heightened awareness of the risks that come with drinking, including poor decision making, addiction, negative health impacts and the prioritization of mental and physical health.

“Through social media, through eduction, cooler heads have prevailed,” said Dr. Smith. “You never go to the doctor and for routine health maintenance, and he says, you know, I think you should start drinking more alcohol.”

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