August 29, 2022

Ahead of Recovery Month, Assistant Clinical Director at River Oaks Treatment Center and military veteran, Dr. Steven Ramos, was interviewed by the Army Resilience Directorate in a piece on ending the stigma of addiction.

Many misconceptions exists about addiction and those with the disease, which often deter those who need help the most from seeking treatment. Not only is there no shame in receiving help for a health condition like addiction, but there is also no shame in relapsing.

Dr. Ramos states in the interview that, for some, relapse is a part of their recovery journey and those seeking treatment after a period of sobriety are not weak; they have an illness.

Instead of critical comments, such as, “You’re going to rehab again?” Dr. Ramos suggests, “You’re giong to rehab, and this could be the time you win, this could be the time you get healthy.”

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