April 13, 2021

Sharon Sabb-Oce, the director of nursing at River Oaks Treatment Center in Florida, wrote a byline in Minority Nurse commenting on the subject of mental health in the Black community. The pandemic has produced such uncertainty in many areas and the constant stress brought on by this global event has undoubtedly affected many people throughout the country. Research from the past year has already shown that rates of substance use and mental health issues have increased as a direct result of the pandemic. Now, as we enter the second year of this global issue, according to Sabb-Oce, it’s imperative for everyone to make their mental health a priority and reach out for help when needed – including the Black community.

In the piece, Sabb-Oce writes, “As a Black woman working in behavioral health care, I see first-hand the aversions that many people [in the Black community] have towards the words ‘mental health’ and ‘addiction.'”

Based on her experience, Sabb-Oce presents a number of potential solutions in order to change this mindset and for hesitant populations to embrace the notion of seeking treatment for mental health conditions and substance use.

To read the entire piece, visit Minority Nurse.