March 21, 2020

Ryan Kelley

Medical editor Ryan Kelley penned a feature for EMS1 outlining the role that EMTs and paramedics are playing in the COVID-19 pandemic and the stresses that could arise from such responsibility.

EMS agencies throughout the country are working with state and local public health agencies and healthcare systems in an effort to stop the spread of this virus. The protocols, procedures and response guidelines they’ve been trained to implement can certainly cause various levels of stress, which can affect mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

In the piece, Kelley details a number of signs that indicate a substantial level of stress, including:

  • Physical conditions such as rapid heart rate
  • Excessive negative feelings or social conflict such as anger or deep sadness
  • Compassion fatigue affecting the ability to provide care
  • Cognitive difficulties or confusion
  • Problematic behavior

To read the entire article, visit EMS1.