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How to Reverse an Opioid Overdose Using Narcan (Video)

Video Details

  • Duration: 2:24
  • Synopsis: The video details the steps to take to determine if a person has overdosed on opioids and the steps to administer Narcan to reverse the overdose.
    • The Steps:
      • Survey the scene and try waking the individual.
      • If no response, try rubbing your knuckles on the sternum to attempt to wake them up.
      • Check to see if the individual is breathing.
      • Check for a pulse.
      • Check for “pinpoint” pupils.
      • Get the person on their back.
      • As with any nasal spray, grip the Narcan with your index and middle finger and use your thumb to dispense.
      • Insert into either nostril and administer with your thumb.
      • Move the person to their side to a “recovery position” to prevent aspiration of vomit if it occurs.
      • Continue monitoring.
      • If they are still unresponsive or they wake and then become unconscious again, you may administer more doses of Narcan every 2 or 3 minutes until help arrives.

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