Top Reasons to Choose AdCare Rhode Island

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AdCare Rhode Island offers drug and alcohol substance abuse treatment in Kingstown, Greenville, and Warwick. Learn more about AdCare Rhode Island

AdCare Rhode Island

  • Our staff is qualified, experienced, and compassionate.
    • Our highly trained and knowledgeable multidisciplinary team includes a comprehensive staff of medical doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, psychologists, therapists, treatment assistants, and a doctor of acupuncture. Patients meet with a clinician within the first 24 hours of admission. Therapists are all either working towards licensure or already licensed by the state, including licensed chemical dependency professionals (LCDPs), licensed mental health counselors (LMHCs), and masters-level licensed clinical social workers. All of our staff are trained and able to deliver addiction treatment.
  • We have a program for everyone at any stage of your recovery journey.
    • Whether you need a medically supervised detoxification program to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal, are looking for a live-in inpatient or residential program, or are ready to step down to an outpatient setting, we have a program for you.
  • Our high standards in providing quality care have afforded us various licenses and accreditations.
    • AdCare Rhode Island is accredited by The Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care, which is the gold standard of care for the industry.
  • We offer specialized tracks and programs because we realize that not everyone has the same exact needs.
    • Specialized tracks include a Veterans & First Responders Program, in order to better meet the needs of specific populations.
  • We believe family should be involved in the recovery process.
    • Families are extremely important to a person’s recovery. We bring the family into the treatment process and therapy, as well as allowing families to visit on Family Day (1x per month).
  • We offer a variety of amenities to help your stay feel like home.
    • AdCare Rhode Island is located on 30 acres of New England woodland. Amenities include:
      • Access to a dietician to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need to regain your health.
      • Family-style cooking and comfort food.
      • Sunday brunch.
      • Coffee, snacks, and juice (always available).
      • Smoking patio.
      • Access to electronics (after detox).
      • Fitness center.
      • Basketball courts.
  • We offer effective & evidence based programs.
    • 63% of our patients at American Addiction Centers’ facilities are sober 12 months after treatment. The industry average is 30%. But without the commitment of our patients and alumni to the programs we offer, we wouldn’t have any of it. You and patients just like you help to create a growing recovery community.
  • Did you know your insurance provider may be able to cover all or part of the cost of rehab?
    • The cost of rehab may deter people from finding treatment, but many insurance providers may be able to help foot the bill. Find out if your insurance provider may be able to help you cover the cost below.
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