AAC provides a nationwide network of support for life in recovery. Alumni support one another through the ups and downs of a life in recovery, and the AAC alumni program hosts fun outings across the country, as well as regional and national events. Alumni coordinators regularly check in with alumni and our alumni concierge is available 24/7 for continued support. A monthly newsletter and online recovery resources are supplied, and there are opportunities to involve supportive family and friends in the recovery experience.

AAC’s patient outcomes study shows treatment at AAC facilities transforms lives. Only a handful of national treatment centers measure patient outcomes and publicly share the findings.

The national average is 30% abstinence at 12 months (70% relapse rate). AAC’s outcomes showed an average abstinence rate of 63% — more than double the national average. After treatment at an AAC facility, we also found the number of days with family conflict decreased by 94%, the number of days experiencing physical health problems decreased by 44%, and the number of days with mental health problems, like depression or anxiety, decreased 56%.

The 90-day promise is American Addiction Centers’ quality guarantee. If a client successfully completes 90 days of consecutive treatment at an AAC facility, we guarantee they will stay clean and sober. If not, the client can return for a complimentary 30 days of treatment.

AAC’s 3-year study on patient outcomes shows our commitment to research and that addiction treatment can have a lasting impact.

Ethical, Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Testing

Through our diagnostic testing, we are able to pinpoint specific genetic indicators to guide the best treatment and medication regimen for each individual patient. Having laboratory services as part of our family of treatment and recovery portfolio ensure seamless, timely, secure, and accurate testing.

Communication, Privacy and Patient Rights

All AAC Facilities are HIPAA-compliant and strictly adhere to all laws and regulations. If patients want information shared with their loved ones, the can sign a release of information for those specific individuals.

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