Addiction Talk Episode 38: Mae Van Der Weide

Air Date: Wednesday, May 10 2023
Interviewer: Joy Sutton
Interviewee: Mae Van Der Weide
Mae Van Der Weide

About Our Guest

In recognition of National Fentanyl Awareness Day on May 9, this episode of “Addiction Talk” will feature professional model Mae Van Der Weide. During her nearly decade-long career, she’s worked in renowned fashion capital all over the world, including London, Miami and New York.

Prior to her success, Mae previously battled addiction. Her substance use began  with marijuana use at age 16 and progressed to an addiction to fentanyl, the illicit substance primarily responsible for the country’s overdose deaths. Caused by the high-pressure world of the modeling industry, it was the constant requirement to maintain a perfect appearance that escalated her addiction.

Mae has now been in recovery from fentanyl for more than three years. Today, she openly shares her experiences in hopes that others can learn from her journey, to break the stigma of addiction and create a community of support and encouragement.

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