Veteran Addiction Hotline and Textline

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What are Veteran addiction hotlines? What information and services can they provide? And are Veteran addiction textlines also available? Explore the answers and discover how and where to get help today.
What you will learn:
Reasons to call a Veteran addiction hotline.
Additional resources for Veterans.
How to get help via phone and text.

Military life comes with a distinct culture and a unique set of stressors, some of which may increase the likelihood of the developing a substance use disorder. Deployments, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), stigma associated with substance use, and a reluctance to ask for help with mental health may all be related to an increased risk of substance use disorders (SUD).1  In fact, data from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reveals that more than 46% of those with lifetime PTSD also met the criteria for an SUD.2

Thankfully, however, a host of treatment options are available for Veterans struggling with substance misuse. Here, we’ll explore how Veterans hotlines can help you or a loved one get the support you need.

What Is a Veteran Addiction Hotline?

A Veteran addiction hotline is simply a phone service that can address the unique needs of Veterans struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Many such hotlines can connect callers with treatment facilities as well as services that can help them enter and sustain recovery. Plus, staff can typically discuss treatment options, insurance verification, alternative payment methods, admissions, and more. 

Note, however, that both hotlines and Veteran addiction textlines aren’t meant to be used for emergencies. If you’re experiencing an emergency, visit your nearest emergency room or call 911.

Veteran Drug and Alcohol Addiction Hotline
Reach out now for help and hope 24/7.

 888-902- VETS

Caring reps can listen to your story and discuss treatment programs, insurance, payment options, and more—all with no obligation for you to enter treatment.

Is the Hotline Free and Confidential?

Many Veterans are afraid to ask for help due to confidentiality concerns. Thankfully, Veteran hotlines and textlines are not only free but also confidential, and you’ll be able to speak freely to the person answering your call. If you’re concerned about confidentiality, voice your concerns at the start of the call.

Can I Text Instead of Calling?

If you feel more comfortable texting a Veterans addiction hotline instead of calling, many helplines have text capabilities. For example, American Addiction Centers offers both phone and text options.

Reasons to Call a Veteran Addiction Hotline

There are many reasons why you may want to call a Veteran hotline for help with a substance use disorder, including:

  • You are struggling to control your drinking or drug use.
  • You suspect that a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder.
  • You’re a Veteran who is ready to start treatment and is interested in learning about your options.
  • You’re not sure whether you’re dealing with addiction and want someone else’s opinion on the matter.

If you feel anxious about calling a hotline, you’re not alone. Sometimes, however, you can decrease these fears with preparation as well as a little knowledge of what to expect.

Along with listening to your story and answering your questions, call-center reps may also ask you a few question such as: 

  • Are you seeking help for yourself or a loved one?
  • What made you decide to call us today?
  • How often do you drink or use drugs, and how long has this behavior been going on?
  • Have you ever tried to stop drinking or using drugs?
  • Have you tried treatment in the past?
  • Are you interested in learning more about treatment?

You may also want to make your own list of questions to ask to ensure you get the information you need. Options might include:

  • What type of treatment programs might fit my needs?
  • Do rehab programs offer mental health care?
  • What are the costs and payment options associated with treatment?
  • What programs are available that specifically meet the needs of Veterans and their families?
  • What steps are involved in the admissions process?

Other Resources for Veterans

Along with addiction textlines and hotlines for Veterans, a host of Veteran-specific resources are available. Options include: 

Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Are you asking yourself “Should I consider treatment?” If so, take into account the myriad benefits of rehab can offer. That is, rehab can help to restore your health, relationships, finances, sense of well-being, and more. And keep in mind, reaching out for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

If you or a loved one is ready to take the first step toward recovery—or you’re simply ready to learn more about your options—AAC can help. Reach out for a free and confidential conversation via our Veteran hotline at 888-902-VETS. Reps can explain our specialized track for alcohol and drug rehab for Veterans. Plus, they can verify any insurance (or you can verify benefits online). For those who prefer to text rather than talk, text assistance is also available. And if you’re not sure whether AAC is right for you, check out reviews from Veterans who’ve participated in our programs. 

Help and hope are available. Reach out to take your first steps toward recovery today.

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