Christmas Conflicts: Gatherings Involving Drunken Arguments

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There’s nothing like gathering for the holidays. Spending time with loved ones. Giving and receiving gifts. Eating all of that delicious food. And drinking too much bourbon-infused eggnog and other alcoholic beverages is often part of the holiday experience. Consuming alcohol in excess can cause tensions to escalate, removing all the fun out of the festivities. Remember, there are ways to avoid drunken arguments at holiday family gatherings and still have fun.

Which states report the highest percentage of drunken arguments during family gatherings during Christmas time? Find out with our survey below!

Whether you are in long-term sobriety or are a designated driver at all gatherings or both, there is no reason why alcohol has to be the center of attention or consume the joy from the moment. Remain positive, steer conversations away from politics and religion as organically as possible and look for common ground. Everyone will discover commonalities that bring them closer and discover differences that can genuinely be appreciated.

Human connection is something that all of us seek, albeit on different levels. And although it’s easier said than done, it is possible to put contentious topics aside and simply enjoy everyone’s company. Alcohol consumption in excess does add a layer of uncertainty when each individual reacts in different ways. Let people be themselves while maintaining your own boundaries and the safety of yourself and others.

And if you’re struggling with alcohol misuse, you’re not alone. There are resources and people that genuinely want to help during the holidays and beyond. Please reach out to get the help  that you need.

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