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Matters of the Heart: How Alcohol Affects Your Cardiovascular System
Feb 19, 2024

Did you know that heavy drinking over time—or even too much on one occasion—can damage your heart? Alcohol misuse can lead to strokes even in people without pre-existing heart disease. It can also contribute to high blood pressure, impact heart rate, and cause alcohol-associated cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle that makes it harder […]

Why Alcohol Causes Hangover Anxiety (i.e., Hangxiety)
Mar 3, 2023

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, unease, and/or fear that’s often accompanied by physical feelings such as nausea and chest tightness. “Hangxiety” (i.e., hangover anxiety), on the other hand, involves anxiety-like feelings that occur after drinking alcohol, most often following a night of drinking. Studies have found that alcohol can cause anxiety, especially when consumed […]

5 Health Benefits of Dry January
Jan 11, 2023

January represents a fresh start, and one of the most popular goals in the new year is to be healthier. Americans typically increase their drinking during the holiday season, so January is a popular time to take a break from alcohol. Dry January is an initiative from Alcohol Change UK to encourage people to boost […]

Active Duty & Sobriety
Nov 17, 2022

It’s not always clear as to why some individuals can drink a glass of wine and not be severely impacted, whereas another individual has even one alcoholic beverage that inevitably leads to the next one in one sitting, and then the next one, and so forth. Alcohol use disorder, or alcoholism, is a disease, and […]

Alcoholism & Sobriety: A Chef’s Perspective
Sep 22, 2022

“Sobriety” holds various meanings to different people. Likewise, the thought of consuming alcohol can hold different meanings to different individuals as well. For some, it’s an enjoyable social activity done amongst friends at dinner, in front of a football game, or with colleagues at a nearby Happy Hour. For others, a case of beer or […]

Child Star & Alcoholism
Jul 21, 2022

Celebrity status doesn’t exempt an individual from alcohol misuse. Sometimes the pressure of the career may open the door to self-medicating as a way to deal with the overwhelm. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Alcoholism doesn’t have to be in control of an individual’s life. Joy Sutton, host of American Addiction Centers’ […]

Sober Summer Strategies
Jul 14, 2022

Summer is filled with festivities, including everything from pool parties and barbeques to weddings and beach outings. Often, however, these experiences are accompanied by alcohol. And for anyone in recovery or struggling with alcohol misuse, these events can be triggering. But summer doesn’t have to derail your recovery, nor does it mean you must steer […]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month
Jun 9, 2022

During the month of June, we shine a spotlight on PTSD and its impact on the lives of those that live with this disorders. On June 27, PTSD Awareness Day, we also pay tribute to Staff Sergeant Joe Biel, who took his own life in 2007 after returning from his second tour of duty in […]

Mental Health Awareness Month 2022
May 31, 2022

Mental Health Awareness Month is acknowledged in the month of May. And as we wrap up  these 31 days in Spring, let’s discuss the importance of maintaining an open dialogue about mental health. Although life is slowly attempting to return to whatever we consider “normal” at this point after battling a life with COVID for […]

Comedian Nikki Glaser & Mental Health
May 19, 2022

Laughter can be an elixir that temporarily lightens heavy hearts, and oftentimes, can bring people together. The human condition often seems tasked with the plight to continually feel good, be happy, or be whatever it is that is seen as favorable. But when it comes to drug or alcohol misuse or even mental health conditions […]

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